Mail Merge Tutorial

Follow these simple steps to send your first emails with Mail Merge.

First, make sure you have installed Mail Merge for Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once installed, let's see how to personalize and send your first emails.

Personalize your email content

With Mail Merge for Gmail📣, you can change the content of each email received by each recipient. This is what we call personalization.

Start with the Google Sheet content

The idea is simple, in your Google Sheet, each row will represent an email. The minimal requirement to send a campaign is to have a column with all the recipients (Column "A" in the screenshot below).

You can add as many columns as you want, and you will be able to retrieve them in the template editor.( Column Name / Company ...)

Customize your email template

In the template editor, You are now able to retrieve your Spreadsheet data to customize your emails, through what we call merge tags.

Merge tags are simply names of your columns, surrounded with characters {{ }}. For instance, if you want to use the "Name" column in your template, bring it with {{ Name}}.

You don't have to type merge tags, just use our dropdown menu :

Personalize your email subject

To customize your email subject, you can also use Merge tags. For instance, if your Google Sheets contains a column "Name", you can customize your email subject using merge tag "{{Name}}" as show below:

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