How to install Mail Merge for Gmail add-on in your Google Sheets

On this page, you will find the 2 steps to install Mail Merge for Gmail Tools and how to access it.

There is a quick video if you don't have the time to read the documentation.

You will also find troubleshooting information about known issues that could happen.

Install Mail Merge for Gmail

Install Mail Merge for Gmail from the Google Workspace marketplace if you haven’t already done so by clicking on the “Install” button.

  • A pop-up will ask for your authorization to install the addon, click on Continue

  • Another popup will ask you for some permissions, click on "Allow"

After the installation (it usually takes less than 15 seconds) you will get a popup, saying that add-on has been installed.

The next step is to open the add-on and let the magic happen.

Launch Mail Merge for Gmail

  • Open Google Sheets (if Google Sheets was already opened, refresh the page)

  • Add-ons take around 15s to load after you opened Google Sheets.

  • Go to Extensions / Mail Merge For Gmail / Start ... there you go!

Installation issues:

There are two known issues that we can't fix, as it doesn't depend on Mail Merge for Gmail:

1- Add-on doesn't seem to be installed successfully / I never get the "addon-installed successfully" popup:

This issue can occur when you sign in Google accounts, and you are not using the principal account for installation. An easy workaround is to open a private window, sign in to the Google account you want, then proceed to the installation.

2- After successful installation, Merge for Gmail is not visible in Google Sheets:

Simply refresh Google Sheets, wait for 10 seconds, and it should appear in the menu!

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